Sharon from London

"We met at the Place in the Sun exhibition when my husband and I were looking to buy a holiday home in Spain. Our agent was really knowledgable about the area and helped us pin down exactly what we were looking for from the property. We have now been the proud owners of our Spanish home for over 3 years and love every moment we spend there."

Allan from Prague

"We were immediately impressed us with her knowledge of the property market on the Costa del Sol and with her understanding of what we were looking for. She is very professional and friendly. When we visited Spain to view properties and we successfully purchased our ideal home in that first visit. I am convinced the whole process would have taken a lot longer without the expertise, guidance & local knowledge with regard to prices and areas"

Hugh from Canada

"We were looking for advice and guidance  & specifically for a property finder with detailed knowledge and connections in the Marbella area. On previous visits to the Costa Del Sol we found that whilst there were many agents seeking to sell us property, they were all acting for the seller/developer, which we viewed as a conflict of interest. We were making a considerable investment and wanted an expert to protect our interests. This is what a property finder does. Our Agent was very keen to ensure they had a clear understanding of our objectives, budget and overall strategy.

 *fulfil (/fʊlˈfɪl/ verb: 1.achieve or realise (something desired, promised, or predicted).